Thursday, March 29, 2012

Use of iPad Helps ADT Double Their Sales

ADT has reaped the benefits of using an iPad in many aspects of their business. The applications that users can install allows homeowners to monitor their home security while away, increase sales revenue, schedule meetings and have even been able to cut back on the time the it takes to present a home to any potential homeowners.

Image source: Fotopedia
Salespeople within the company have been trained how to use the iPad and are finding that there are plenty of ways to improve the way that they do business.

“So what’s coming that’s so impressive? First, ADT expects to have all 4,000 salespeople using iPads by May. Second, it plans to deploy two more apps – a pricing configurator, and the ability to take electronic signatures. This will allow reps to quickly show different ADT systems and options and let customers sign their contracts all using the iPad,” according to a recent Forbes article.

Has your credit union implemented the iPad or any other mobile device, reaping the rewards of its many uses? Read more about how ADT is improving productivity and doubling sales.

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