Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diary of a laptop theft - what would you do?

A recent computer theft highlights the critical differences between “backup” versus protecting local & cloud storage from identity theft.

When a computer or mobile device gets stolen, what do you worry about most? Is it that your work is gone? Or that your personal information is on the device available for the theft to see? What about all of the accounts that are accessible online - captured in the history of the web browser and system menus and explorers? Are you worried about your gmail, your online banking, and your cloud-stored contact list?

This article describes the step-by-step actions as police attempt to help a victim recover their stolen devices. It also captures the victim's thought process and fears as they realize all that needs to be done now that these devices are in the hands of a thief.

We've been warned that it's always a great idea to save your data. We are also told to keep track of credit card issuers, card numbers, and phone numbers in case they are lost and stole. These two pieces of advice can be combined to assure the safety of our information within our digital life. Read the full, and very interesting, article at

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