Monday, March 19, 2012

New Online Technology Helps Prevent “The One that Got Away”

Instead of having its members abandon their efforts to obtain a loan altogether or even worse, go elsewhere for the loan because of the lag in time to completion, Northwest Federal Credit Union has utilized online technology which has increased their loan close rate to a staggering 86 percent.

The system utilized by NWFCU to reduce the time lost while loan officers played “phone tag” with members to complete their loan applications, consists of a variety of communication tools created by a combination of DigitalMailer’s communication systems and MeridianLink’s multi-channel allowing the Credit Union to automatically connect with members interested in obtaining loans.

This technology allows NWFCU to stays in touch with members at every step in the borrowing process, without putting a strain on staff resources." Want to learn more about how this tech savvy system can free up your staff to close loans? Read the full article to find out more.

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seojyo said...

Now we can see new online Technologies invention everyday.

Video Conferencing Technology made communication more easy and simple.And it doesn't even cost much.It is much suitable for people staying away from home.