Friday, March 30, 2012

Log Management and how it could help your credit union

If you aren’t a large business with hundreds of employees, log management may not be one of the busiest IT positions. That is not to say that in a small company, log management isn’t effective.

Image source: LogLogic
Log management vendors are finding that the companies that are benefitting from their systems are usually larger companies where security is considered to be more of an issue.

“Of course, some compliance regulations—PCI DSS is a good example—are all about security anyways. But would companies use log management products if it wasn’t for compliance regualtions? ‘Bigger companies, yes, but for the smaller companies, probably not,’” according to Mandeep Khera, chief marketing officer at LogLogic.

So if you are a smaller company or credit union, other than for compliance regulations, why use log management? A log management system can analyze the logs, looks for irregularities, spot suspicious events, and even track repeated failed login attempts or port scans. Even within smaller companies, a breach of security is still a definite possibility. Is your company using any sort of log management system? If so, have you found it to be beneficial? If you are not using one, what are your hesitancies in taking the next step to protect your company?

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