Monday, May 7, 2012

Emailed my bank saying I find their website very difficult to use. They refuse to fix any problems, but gave me £60.

The general idea behind online banking is convenience, and for most people, this includes ease of use.

Image source: Twitter post
Interestingly, a disappointed online customer sends and email to her bank describing her difficulties in using the bank's web services, and in response to her concerns, rather than hearing about possible solutions, she is instead told that the bank has no plans to upgrade the site and is issued a £60 credit to her account. She is told that this credit should sufficiently compensate her for the troubles she has been experiencing.

Does this sound like customer service to you? While issuing a credit to her account is a nice gesture of course, the obstacles that raised this customer's concerns to begin with are still there, and the prospects for improvement look doubtful thus far.

How user-friendly are your credit-union's services? Learn from this customer's Twitter post what you can do to ensure that your members are happy.

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