Friday, August 24, 2012

Zeus Variant Targets U.S. Accounts

The FBI has issued a warning to financial institutions about a new wave of ransomware which freezes and hijacks endpoint computer operating systems and attempts to extort funds from users while simultaneously working in the background to also rob their account data.

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Powered by the Zeus malware variant Citadel and the drive-by virus Reveton, these "targeted and convincing" attacks generate messages - often under the guise of the FBI - notifying users of their "illegal" Internet activity and demand that they pay fines in order to regain control of their computers. Meanwhile keyloggers are launched to steal online account credentials and other financial information.

Enhancing back-end fraud-prevention systems and processes so that malware is blocked from taking over your members' accounts even if their endpoints do become infected is critical, as is quick detection and removal.

The best defense, however, is educating your members. Given the lack of familiarity with ransom attacks, users in the U.S. have proven to be easy targets. Find out what both your CU and your members need to know.

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