Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How National Australia Bank Uses Cloud Computing to Cut Costs and Shrink Its Carbon Footprint

How much money, energy, and time get drained by your CU's current systems and processes?

Image source: / CC BY 3.0
More and more financial institutions around the globe are finding that revising their energy policies and shifting toward "green IT" practices are key in optimizing resource management.

Spanning everything from IT to travel fleet, the energy reduction program adopted by the $782 billion-asset bank and Open Data Center Alliance member National Australia Bank (NAB) exemplifies the significant cost-savings and environmental benefits made possible by data virtualization through scalability, increased efficiency, and resource conservation.

Time for a data center overhaul for your CU? Read the BTN interview with NAB's Dennis McGee to learn about this large and complex institution's approach to green IT.

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