Friday, August 10, 2012

Apple acquisition of AuthenTec fuels speculation on mobile payments debut

Does Apple's acquisition of fingerprint security firm AuthenTec mean that Apple is on its way into the mobile payments arena?

Image source: PDI
There is much anticipation that the next version of the iPhone will include mobile payment services, given that AuthenTec's fingerprint-scanning technology is used for authentication in mobile payment-processing - not to mention the fact that Apple competitors have already launched or are getting ready to launch mobile payment offerings.

Google Wallet has already been released, and Microsoft plans to roll out a wallet feature in its up-and-coming Windows Mobile 8 operating system towards the end of 2012. But with Microsoft, Apple, and Google "at loggerheads" and pushing their own agendas, will room have to be made for more than one type of mobile wallet?

See what Ovum Telecoms' principal analyst Tony Cripps suggests your CU can expect to transpire in the near future.

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