Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cyber Crime More Frequently Targeted at Small Companies

As everything begins to become more and more interconnected with the increase in use of technology, there is also an increase in cyber crime, especially within small businesses. Now, why small businesses you ask?

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“With small firms often having to deal with a lack of budget, inadequate security policies and a general lack of knowledge of the subject, all sorts of weak points can be exploited,” explains Michael Millar, a business reporter for BBC News.

There are a number of things that hackers can do to your computer and software to gain information, spread a virus, or learn about your customers. Also, many of them retrieve this information and sell it to other criminals and allow them to do with it what they wish.

So as a smaller company, how are you working to protect your computer and all of the information it holds? Look here to see the five questions that you should be able to answer about your company that might help insure you have the best security possible and what do to in case you are hacked.

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