Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Acronyms are just a part of life and one of the newest ones that we have heard… BOYD, bring your own device. In today's world, it is not just unusual, but unheard of for someone not to have a smartphone.

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Those mundane phones that only allow you to call and text, so last season. The movement of BYOD is just simply unavoidable and inevitable. Not only do we make phone calls and text, but we also email, take notes, research, play games, listen to music, and of course, download the latest app.

So now, with our smart phones in hand, why not create an app that is API compatible to draw in customers, users, and anything else you can think of? Matt McLarty, vice president of client solutions at Layer 7 Technologies, found that when companies put in the effort to create apps that were not only great, but compatible with phones and the API code, they were able to draw in even more of their employees’ interest!

Look here to read more about the growing trend of BYOD.

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