Monday, April 9, 2012

Credit Unions Offer Gas Card As An Incentive

Many credit unions are finding that using a gas card giveaway as an incentive to sign up for estatements or participating in a seminar really “paying off.”

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The incentive of winning a gas card has created an increase in attendees at the seminars and credit unions are finding more and more members willing to sign up for estatements.

“April prices may be a drop in the bucket as 11 states have already experienced the $4 average including Nevada, West Virginia, Maryland and Florida. With no one knowing how high prices will rise, Americans are tightening their belt and looking for ways to save,” as stated in Credit Unions Online.

Some credit unions are even beginning to offer free gas when a new vehicle is purchased through an in-house Enterprise sales offer. Many are saying that so far the promotions have been a success.

Has your credit union participated in the rising popularity of gas card giveaways? This article offers more information about the promotions and how they are helping many credit unions around the United States. Take a look!

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