Friday, April 13, 2012

Credit Card Fraud: Have your members been a victim without even knowing?

It seems like all we hear about lately is credit card fraud, someone’s identity being stolen, unsafe hotspots for wi-fi, or hacking. How can we ever feel safe in a world where technology is increasing but it feels as though the safety of our personal information is decreasing?

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Global Payments recently dealt with the misfortune of having some of their cardholders’ information stolen. “The company says that only what’s known as Track 2 data (relating to the magnetic strip on the back of the card) was stolen--that is, the credit card numbers and their expiration dates,” as stated in an article in PC World.

What is the good news from all this? There are approximately 181 million credit cards in the United States. Even though 1.5 million card numbers may have been breached, that number only represents less than one percent of credit card holders.

Were one your members of the 1.5 million that was unfortunate enough to be part of this security breach? Read the full article here.

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