Monday, March 1, 2010

Stalker Fear Over Phone App

A CAMERAPHONE application that finds names and addresses of total STRANGERS was blasted as a "stalker's dream". The facial recognition "app" instantly identifies snaps by matching them to photos on websites like Facebook and Twitter, where personal info is accessed.

Horrified security experts claim BURGLARS taking secret snaps of revellers could find out their addresses. Unsuspecting strangers fooling around on nights out could also fall prey to BLACKMAIL.

And women could be stalked by PERVERTS.

Simon Davies, of Privacy International, slammed the "Recognizr" gizmo as an "atrocious invasion". He warned: "It takes the dangers that already exist and increases them infinitely."

Dr Ian Brown, of the Oxford Internet Institute, said: "A guy could take a picture of a girl in a bar and find out all sorts of information."

The "app" is being developed by Swedish software firm The Astonishing Tribe. They were unavailable for comment.

Tom Gaffney, of software security experts F-Secure, said: "This app looks like it could be a stalker's dream."

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Robbie Wright said...

Recognizr isn't doing anything inherently wrong. If people want to share that much info online, then companies like that will find ways to take advantage of it. In the same vein: