Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Counterfeit credit/debit card fraud: Let's stop it now

These tips may seem obvious, but mentioning them again can’t hurt. It’s your hard-earned money at stake, after all:

> Stare: It’s no longer considered rude to stare at your card for the entire time it’s in the hands of a clerk or waiter.

> Shield: When using your debit card, lean in and cover your PIN entry from every angle, the digits you protect equal the money in your account.

> Change: The bad guys have figured out the number-increment algorithm many banks use. If at all possible, make sure the last eight digits of the new credit/debit card’s number are different.

> Check: The average time between stealing credit card information and using it on-line has dropped from 10 days to three. It is recommended that you check your on-line accounts at least that often.

Mr. Patterson’s endeavor

Those tips are important. Yet, they are overshadowed by Mr. Patterson’s real quest. Here is what he wants to do:

“Completely eradicate counterfeit card fraud world-wide in the next 24 months. With the banks losing over 4 billion dollars a year and growing rapidly, the industry is ready to fight back. Organized crime has declared this fight, and it will take a unified effort to repel.”

We all know about credit/debit card fraud. What surprised me was the scope of counterfeit card fraud. Expert after expert pointed out that using counterfeit cards or information obtained from credit/debit cards supports most illegal activity throughout the world.

Counterfeit cards

This YouTube video will give you an idea of how simple it is to steal information embedded in a credit/debit card’s magnetic strip. As the video shows, the only hardware required is a computer, card reader, and magnetic strip card writer. One expert commented on how easy it is to buy card skimmers (readers) on eBay. So, I looked and, sure enough (courtesy of eBay):

(Read the rest of the story at: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/security/?p=2825&tag=nl.e036

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debit card said...

It is sad that crime is taking over the world. There however a couple of things people can do to protect themselves. eg. Make sure nobody can see your pin, if possible do not hand over your card - swipe it yourself, limit the amount of cash in your card account by limiting the amount deposited into the card account and limit the amount in your overdraft facility. Until technology changes we will have this problem, until then just take a defensive stance.