Monday, July 16, 2012

Open source offense could be our best defense against cyberattacks

What corporate and member information does your CU have floating around in Cyberspace and how accessible is it to cybercriminals? Does your IT security team even know?

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A growing IT challenge is how to properly protect an organization’s information systems and assets without draining the budget, but a strong defense doesn't have to be expensive. Don’t get caught up in all the media- and vendor-driven hype around cyberattacks, which caters to human interest over security basics and therefore can be misguiding, often scaring organizations into investing in security programs that might not even be appropriate for their circumstances.

Every organization is unique and so is every security product, so before spending time and money on any of them, your CU should first assess what data and processes it needs to protect and what their vulnerabilities are. Identifying any data that is publically accessible and figuring out how to safeguard it is a great place to start. Such data is readily available to attackers – no matter what security products your CU may be using.

Get the five tips for establishing a strong cyber-offence based on open source information presented by SANS Institute's Director of Research Alan Paller at the recent ISSA Los Angeles Security Summit.

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