Friday, August 20, 2010

What Another Credit Union Did to Help Cut Expenses

Some more ideas for lowering costs

• Employees now clean our buildings (including myself) – saved $1,200/yr

• Employees converted our high maintenance landscaping to low maintenance – saved $500/yr

• Changed debit card processors – not easy or enjoyable, but save several thousand per year.

• Dumped our leased postage meters and went to using stamps – saved approx $2,600 /y

• Eliminated company cell phones for myself and the Branch Manager (didn’t like the damn thing anyway) – saved $960/yr

• Integrating deposit documents into core processing software – will save approx $4,500/yr

• Dropped employee short term disability ins and shortened the waiting period on our long term disability ins – saves $870 /yr

• Eliminated our Equipment Maintenance policy – saved $14,000 /yr

• Switched to a high deductible HRA for employees - $WOW!!!!!!!! (and we even reimburse part of the deductible)

• Went from a quarterly newsletter to semi-annual - $chump change – but every little bit helps.

• Eliminated NSF/overdraft notices - $(no idea – but based on our fee income, I’ll but the postage alone was worth it)

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Family Health Benefits said...

If you are dropping a company paid short term disability plan, it's good to replace it with a voluntary option. Many employees can't afford to miss significant time from work, and giving them the option to continue coverage does not cost your credit union anything beyond supporting a deduction.