Wednesday, October 21, 2009

75 interesting credit union name changes in 2009

Callahan & Associates, the credit union industry’s leading analytics firm and publishers of, have just released their 2010 Credit Union Directory. Comparing this year’s directory against last year’s, The Financial Brand has noted 75 substantive name changes.

From this year’s new names:
  • 11 credit unions included the word “Community”: Arlington Community, Champion Community, Community, Community Driven, Memberfocus Commmunity, My Community, NMTW Community, Prestige Community, Total Community, Valley One Community and Vue Community.
  • 7 reduced their names to acronyms: CEFCU, CSE, MaPS, MCT, ME/CU, NMTW and USE.
  • 7 are coined names: Altana, Aventa, Cinfed, Genisys, Meritrust, TruStone and Vue Community.
  • 3 use the number “one”: Alabama One, Metro 1 and Valley One Community.
  • 3 credit unions ditched the word “First” in their name, while one put it in: University First.
  • 2 credit unions used alphanumeric constructions: Med5 and Metro 1.
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